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Registration To Attend The International Homeschooling Online Conference Where I'll be Speaking

I’m so excited to announce to you about a homeschool conference ‘cause I’m 1 of 50 speakers that will be speaking here at the conference! I'll talk about homeschooling in Indonesia. You will hear about homeschooling from different perspectives from 50 homeschool experts! It is a free conference, so what are you waiting for? Grab your free ticket now!

The Homeschooling Online Conference will be held from 13 - 19 July 2020

Homeschooling Online Conference speaker: Maria Magdalena

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If you register now, you will get a FREE downloadable playbook about the conference

What you'll learn here:
Everything you need to know on how to get started with homeschooling - from homeschool laws, basics, etc.
Day 2: HOMESCHOOLING METHODOLOGIES Get inspired by different types of homeschooling methodologies shared by homeschoolers themselves.
Day 3: HOMESCHOOLING CURRICULUM Learn some of the best homeschooling curricula out there - if you choose to use one.
Day 4: HOMESCHOOLING COMMUNITIES One of the most important aspects of your homeschooling journey - being around other homeschoolers.
Day 5: HOMESCHOOLING LEARNING PLATFORMS Learn some of the online platforms available to supplement or complement your child's learning.
Day 6: HOMESCHOOLING IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES A comprehensive look at what it's like to homeschool in different countries - from Asia to Europe to the Americas.
Day 7: HOMESCHOOLING INSPIRING STORIES Get inspired and learn from other homeschooling parents who are rocking it in their careers, work, family, and travel.
By now you’re probably familiar with if not exhausted by the consequences of this global pandemic. But instead of dwelling on the pain, sacrifice, and uncertainty, let’s dive into how we can use this time to transform our life, our family, the educational system, and find opportunity in the fog. As the great adage says: “Opportunities are often built during uncertain times”. I hope to see you at the homeschool conference!

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