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I Change My Morning Habit Just Because of This (And It's OK)

So, today I started by cooking for family breakfast. I started this at 6:30 even though I woke up at 6:00 am but I need to have my coffee in silence for about 30 minutes. Wake up at 6:00 am is a bit late, but lately, I have a sleeping disturbance because of digestive problems, my stomach produces a lot of gas when I go to sleep right after I have my dinner. It's so annoying that I have to spend about 1-2 hours just sitting down alone at night to give my stomach a chance to work properly. Yeah I know I should have arranged for dinner 2 hours before bedtime.


If I Kiss You, Will I Get Diabetes? - Book Review

I can’t imagine how does a child’s live with diabetes. At the age when they should play cheerfully, have snacks and sweet drink without being limited by illness. But that will never happen in the lives of children with type 1 diabetes.
I am a type 1 diabetes survivor, I found this disease five years ago. Since adolescence, I have a tendency for high blood sugar. So that I still live my childhood like normal children. Even so, I am a child who doesn't like sweets, cakes, and sweet snacks. For your information, type 1 diabetes can be suffered by children and even babies because this type is experienced due to the dysfunction of the pancreas in producing insulin.


Buying Eyeglasses Frugally with Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.
Have you ever wonder how I perfectly hand-sewn appliques in my age? I'm 42 years old, I have diabetes, and I am a crafter, my eyes are very valuable. I need to change my eyeglasses rapidly, that's mean I need a lot of money to buy eyeglasses. That's a problem! No, I don't like to buy underpriced eyeglasses, but my money is limited. The only way is to use coupons to buy.




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