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Levemir VS Lantus, The Effects On My Diabetic

Yesterday i was so disappointed with the fact that my effort and pain at the whole month was useless. It is about my blood glucose that is getting higher than last month. Before March, my doctor prescribed Lantus Solostar as my diabetic treatment. I injected every night, 12 units. And my test showed result about 160-190 mg/dL, that was good, I used to be 400 mg/dL before insulin treatment.
On March, I got Levemir as replacement of Lantus, my doctor said that Lantus is out of stock. OK, I thought they are just the same. If certain brand medicine is out of stock, doctor will prescribe the replacement that have the same effect. So I injected my Levemir the whole March. And guess what I got on April test? My blood sugar was 322 mg/dL! I was very shocked!
Then my doctor adding my insulin dosage, it become 20 units per injection. She only thought that my dosage was not enough. When I ask about the chance that Levemir reaction is not as effective as Lantus in my body, she answered that there is no different of both effectiveness.
But... Sorry doctor, I am not ordinary lady... I got home with so many unanswered questions. And for the sake of my life, I have to find the answer!
I got home, took a bath, and... sat on my chair, began to browsing about Lantus vs Levemir. First, I found about how they made. To tell the truth, I don't understand at all. I mean, I understand about how they both made, but still didn't understand about why they differ on the effectiveness.
Then I found a forum. In the forum, there are debates about Levemir vs Lantus. Most of people that involved in the topic have the same problem with me: Levemir doesn't effective to lower their blood sugar. It is depend on your body. And yes, I found the answer! 

From what happened to me, I suggest you to:

1. Frequently test your blood sugar if your insulin brand have to replaced with other brand. This to make sure that your new insulin is effective to lowering your blood sugar.
2. If you always hungry even though you already eat, or if your sight getting vague, or you easily getting tired, go check your blood sugar and meet your doctor. These are signs that your blood sugar is high.
3. Be smart, learn about diabetic. Your doctor won't tell you everything about diabetic. They only will answer your question. And your question limited by your knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the more question you ask, and that's good!
By writing this article I didn't mean to say that Levemir is not effective. In fact, Levemir lowering so many people's blood sugar, and help them in diabetic treatment. Every person has different metabolism, that will makes medicines has different effectiveness. I only want to tell you about the different of both brand in my body and how I help myself to be healthy.



0 #2 diabetes 2016-01-13 05:53
Extracts from some fruits like guava helps with lowering blood glucose level.
Grape fruit coming under lemon or lime family is one more favourable fruit helping
for maintaining controlled blood glucose level. Intake of
those fruits promotes insulin production there by managing
+1 #1 Diabetes girl 2015-05-23 00:34
you made need to have a genotype phenotype test done to discover the effectiveness drugs have on you as an individual.

As for the aforementioned, levemir is just as efficacious in head to head study populations(over 500patients). That's why studies have more than 1 patient in them...outcomes are based on averages. You would be an outlier.

Hope this helps

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