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31 Days Series Of Awesome Living

31 days of awesome living
Who doesn't want to be awesome? I do! And I keep looking for the way to be awesome.
Living in awesomeness means you live happily and inspiring others. You don't have to be loved by everyone, but your life is shine to everyone who looks at you. And you don't have to be rich, but your life is fulfilled so you can share to others.
I participate in 31 Days October Writing Challenge, from 1-31 October 2015 I will write about 31 Days of Awesome Living to encourage you to reach the awesome life. Here my titles list, just click on the title to read the full article that will encourage you:
1 : Awesome Batik Indonesia
2 : Awesome Passion of A Homeschooling Teenager
3 : Awesome Life Come From My Illness
4 : Awesome Traditional Food
5 : Snow Leaves Bookmark
6 : Leaves Pencil Holder, Awesome Looks Recycled Can
7 : Awesome Clean Air With Leaves Wind Chime
8 : Leaves As A Flower
9 : Awesome Motorik Training From Nature To The Kids
10 : Blogging, The Results By Sitting In Front Of The Computer One Hour A Day
11 : Tofu, Another Awesome Food
12 : Why Kids Should Diet?
13 : Does Crafting Makes Me Rich?
14 : How To Create Awesome Quote For Awesome Encouragement?
15 : But I'm Not Capable To Give Marriage Advice For My Friend!
16 : How I Manage My Time To Get All The Job Done?
17 : Fried Banana With Chocolate & Peanut Filling
18 : Involving Kids Into Your Project, How To Educating Kids About Work?
19 : Unit Study, The Reason Why
20 : What Does Back to the Future Teach Us?
21 : The "Aha!" of Mobile Camera
22 : How to Take Care of Diabetes During Christmas?
23 : Folded Pancake
24 : Our Time Machine, Connecting Us To The Past And To The Future
25 : Waiting For The Rain
26 : Should I Monetize My Blog To Get Money From Blogging?
27 : Learning History To Reach A Better Life
28 : Fried Tofu With Shrimp Paste
29 : Christmas Stories And Activities For Kids And Teens
30 :
31 :
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