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The Best Way To Decorate Your Home With Photos - Mom Can Do It!

Nowadays, taking photos with the digital camera is no longer as difficult and as expensive as the old time when we used camera film. And today we have a lot of options to display the photos that can be matched to the theme of your house, whether it is casual, minimalist, formal, or natural. It only takes a lot of ideas to create or buy the right display, either in form of a scrapbook, picture frame, or picture wall.


Our Time Machine, Connecting Us With The Past And The Future

our time machine
My childhood was awesome! It was full of fun! The years when I didn’t have problems. That was when my father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunts, and uncles were all completely alive.
Years passed, some of them rest in peace. But my memories about them will not be erased. Those memories will stay in my brain as long as I live. Wait, that’s not true! I do need some triggers to put some of those memories back to my consciousness.


Mondays Memory Photography Linky Party 6/29 - Picsay Pro Tutorial

If you travelling and take a photo from your Android gadget, you'll want to immediately upload your photo showing that you have wonderful adventure to your family and friends. But sometime, your photo didn't look good, the angle perfect but the light so lack! You want to take photo again, but too late, your photo object has passed. Wait wait! Don't delete your photo from your memory card. Here I give you tutorial about editing photo from your Android gadget using Picsay Pro. 
Picsay Pro doen't need you to download editing tools when editing photo, that way you can edit your photo without internet connection. You can download Picsay Pro here (it is not free). Picsay Pro also have free version, called Picsay, but Picsay doen't have powerful tools like Picsay Pro to edit your photo.
Ok, here is the tutorial, please note that I fully editing the photos in this tutorial using Picsay Pro.
This photo below is "before" photo



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