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The Amazing Ways to Maximizing The Online Games For Developing Child's Positive Character

When many parents reject the presence of online games in their children's lives, we are not. Since our son was a little boy, we introduced him to online games to have fun while learning. But we don't remember what online games he played for the first time, I just remember that he was amazed watching at the computer screen that there were objects he could control, unlike the movies that he only enjoyed passively.


How To Prepare Your Teenager To Own A House

Some parents require their children to leave the house from the age of 18 and live independently (well, my son is almost at this age, and I’m so nervous!). Some parents have provided them with a house to live in, some require their children to work on all their own needs independently. For those who require children to work on all their own needs independently, what to teach your teenager about owning their own home? 


How to Guide A Girl Through Her First Menstruation

The onset of menstruation, which is the first time a girl experiences menstruation, is a confusing period for her. Some girls may have received information from the school about what menstruation is, why menstruation occurs, and what if menstruation occurs, but not all children are that lucky. However, schools provide lessons according to a predetermined curriculum for the average age of children, they don't provide information about the conditions of girls who are outside the average, for example, girls with conditions of early physical maturity than the average age. Here the role of parents is very decisive and necessary to prepare her and ensure that she feels comfortable with her body.


How We Start Our Early Morning With Passion

Good morning! This morning I woke up earlier than usual, at 03:30. When I open my room's door, I saw my son came out of the room ready to take a bath! Even though my son is not going to a formal school, so he doesn't have to wake up in the morning shake. Actually, he's been used to getting up early morning since he was a kid. After wake up, he will take a shower followed by making his own hot tea. Yes, he has this habit since he was a child around the age of 7 yo.



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