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I Need To Buy A House, What Should I Consider?

I remember 21 years ago I was forced to buy a house to live in with my mother. At that time we were expelled by our extended family because there was an inheritance dispute involving our house, which is part of the extended family house. At that time I didn't have time to think about the ideal house I should buy. I just thought that I should have a house to live in as soon as possible.

 I Need To Buy A House, What Should I Consider?

My consideration is only on the price that I have to be able to reach because my salary was not high. Thank goodness I was able to find a cozy small house for me to live in with my mother. With extra hard work, I was able to finance the house. Now I realized what I was doing was full of risk because at that time the mortgage was almost as big as my salary, so I looked for additional part-time work to meet the basic needs, electricity payments, water payments, and other expenditures.

If you are currently planning to buy a house, just don't be like me unless the burden on family needs that you bear is still small, for example, you are not married or have no children. You can work together with your partner to achieve the dream of owning the ideal home. However, if you already have some children and have to support the life of your parents too, you shouldn't do as my way.

You should start planning in more detail and measure your abilities from now on. Do not think of the next salary increase you will receive as an additional ability to pay for your house, because when your salary increases, your needs will also increase as described here. Unless your salary increase is very significant, for example from a promotion or additional salary from extra work.

My Future House Will Be Like
You can start by planning what kind of house you need. Remember that you are not a millionaire who has a lot of money without limits. Be realistic!

You can plan a house that is close to the child's school, close to your workspace, or close to tourist areas. You can consider the needs of a three-bedroom house or a house with a large garage. Set to the most important needs.

Planning will make it easier for you to make choices among the many possibilities that exist. You will also have a house that fits your needs, not the one with the most intense advertising.

What Will I Need To Get The House?
Here you start making a checklist of what you need to get the house. You should collect data on housing fairs to attend, marketers to contact, the knowledge that you'll need to choose the right house.

This knowledge includes the information about building materials used by home developers (for property in Indonesia you can check about this here), whether the house has a good investment value, whether the places that you access every day close to the house? (for example, office, child's school, grocery stores, doctor's clinics).

What Do I Have To Do To Own The House?
Money and knowledge about all the legality of homeownership! You won't be able to get your dream house without money, of course, you can inherit it, but only a few people who are lucky enough to have a dream house given by their parents.

In my whole life, I have made home purchases four times, and all through very complicated financial calculations because at that time I was not familiar with the home mortgage calculators. In this day when the internet can be accessed by most people, home mortgage calculators can be accessed everywhere, this makes it easier for you to choose your dream house that matches your financial capabilities. I found out that this website is really helpful.

Knowledge of the legality of homeownership is also important to avoid future losses or legal claims that can lead to financial losses to the loss of the house. Study this as thoroughly as possible or work with a notary that you know well. 

Why I Should Buy A House With Careful Calculations?
Apart from being expensive, a house is bought for long-term purposes and occupied with beloved families. This accuracy is intended so that you don't experience losses. What losses can you experience? Here are some examples:
1. The building material used is bad so that shortly your house can be inhabited by termite colonies or the wood material used is easy to rot, the paint peels off easily, the roof leaks when it rains.
2. Deterioration of financial condition. Economic recessions are often unpredictable from long ago. It could be that when you decide to buy a house you are in good financial conditions, then a year later your finances worsen even though the home loan still has to be paid. This condition can cause you to lose your home.
3. The legality status of the house is currently in dispute. In my country this often happens, where a house that is under court dispute turns out to be sold so that the buyer suffers a loss because shortly after he bought the house the bank came to confiscate the house and he can't do anything to bring the house back to him.

So, are you ready to buy your own house? Good luck! The last thing from me, please involve your spouse and children in discussing homeownership, it would be great if they could understand your family's need.


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