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How Do Our Daily Life As Homeschool Family In Remote Area?

homeschooling in remote area
Our homeschooling is the same as you imagine. We have daily routines, schedule, curriculum, and we are not unschooling. My son is an ordinary boy, he like to play online games, like to play with others, and sometimes he refuses to learn. I am also a work at home mom, so I am a busy mom too. And I don’t want to being around my son all day long, he need his private time. Does it sounds like your condition? Yes, of course. Homeschooling in remote area doesn’t mean we have different style than you that living in urban area. What is the point of this article?


Competition, Do They Need It?

Competition! This is one big question: does our child need competition? Yes, he does. But, if we talk about competition in common way, my son won’t have the chance to competition in this remote area.
Why children need to compete?
To compete is to strive against another or others to win or to gain superiority. Since he was born, a man faced competition. For example, competition against his sibling to gain parent’s attention, competition with father to go to the bathroom in the morning, etc. Competition is a way to survive. So, why do we afraid of children’s competition? If children can compete in a good way, they can get what they want to have, and also they will build good relationship with others. The adverse consequences of competition is hostility and fraud. We must teach children to avoid those consequences.


Frugal Homeschooling For Visual-Kinesthetic Learner

visual kinesthetic learner
What if your child is a visual-kinesthetic learner? Can you do frugal homeschooling?
I do! Since my son was still 7 years old, I knew that he is a visual and kinesthetic learner. I should set our learning that suite with him so learning will be fun. As a kinesthetic learner, he should move around while learning, and learning should begin with sports, like running, jumping, push up, sit up, etc. By doing this, his brain will be more ready to learn.



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