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Things We Need To Do To Pets If We Traveling For A Long Time

Bingbong is our child, actually, he is our pet but we love him like our child. We love him, protect him, give what he needs. Bingbong is also very cute! He is funny and has unique habits. Every day we love him more. We adopted him a year ago when he was two months newborn kitty. At that time he was very weak and petite. But now he grew into a confident cat.
Within a year there was a lot of joy we passed together, there was also a longing when we had to travel leaving Bingbong at home alone with the caregiver. Before leaving Bingbong with his caregiver, we always prepared everything in detail to make sure when we returned, we saw him in good condition. What are we preparing?


Enjoy Typical Food In Our Hometown And MKB Blog Hop 62

“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.” -Wallace Stevens
Within three weeks I and my family traveled back home. In this vacation, I was busy with various legal activities. But I understand that the main purpose was to meet my mother, mother-in-law, brother, nieces, and nephews. To whom I always miss when I'm away. Chatting, enjoy delicious food in togetherness, spend time together even if only a few days.


Traveling With Baby: Comfort Is The Key

Having a baby is wonderful!
Baby makes us smile, and the baby is very dependent on us, so where there is a baby, that's where the parents are. There are times when parents are forced to carry their baby in long-distance travel. There are some parents who are reluctant to travel far with babies, for fear that the baby is fussy and uncomfortable along the way. Yup! I often found babies who are fussy on the plane because they feel uncomfortable, this will disturb other passengers, and of course, this is not the situation we want.


One Day Frugal & Fun Trip To Singapore From Batam - Indonesia

Last week we had a great day, traveling to Singapore in one day! It is only one day trip, but we've learned a lot and save a lot. We departed from Kuala Enok - Riau on Saturday to Batam via boat and stay there. On Sunday we prepared for the trip by purchased ferry tickets, bought folding stools, snacks (as a diabetic, I have to bring some snacks to prepare if I get the hypoglycemia attack), mineral water, go to the money changer and make planning regarding our visit to Singapore the next day. The ferry tickets we bought at Indomaret convenience store because my friend told me that Indomaret sells tickets much cheaper than the port counter.


That Will Make You Think Twice When You Buy A Car

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Holiday is a great time to travel visiting family, especially grandparents. At this time the family who lives far apart will gather, celebrating the holiday. It will be so much fun along with togetherness, delicious food, and the gifts!
Some mothers will be stress during the traveling preparation. Especially if the trip will take a long way, and there are children in the family. Trust me, I ever felt this before! Preparing clothes, food supplies, and medicine for the journey. All intended for the comfort of the children and the whole family during the trip.



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