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Helping My Child Manage His Friendly Habits (+free printables)

Now we are living in a company housing, where our neighbour stay close to us, so if you open your door, surely you will meet them! This situation is so much different than living in our own house. Our house in a city at Java island have front yard and it’s equipped with fence, we have full privacy there. Furthermore, our neighbourhood at this remote area is different, the people are more friendly than at the city. This bring us to an obligation to respect others more than before to make our neighbourhood a cozy place to live.


Far Away From Homeschool Community

far away from homeschool community
Homeschool community is where you can interact frequently with other homeschool family, field trips, learn together, or playdates. By joining a homeschool community you will get homeschool encouragement, and your child will have many homeschool friends. You can get many benefits. But not every homeschool family luckily live in an area where there is homeschool community activities. I myself is a local homeschool community founder, but now I have to leave them, and live in an area that have no homeschool community. Deep down inside I want to build homeschool community here, but as long as I observe, I know that it would be a long term journey, because people in this area doesn’t know about homeschool! They still thinking that there is no education outside the school.


Learning At The River

learning at the riverObserving the river from the ferry's window
My family love to traveling. One week ago was the longest traveling that we ever had. We moved from Java island to Sumatera island. It took two days. We left Java last Friday by airplane, arrived at Batam at the same day, and the next day we used ferry to go from Batam to Kuala Enok - Sumatera, our new place. We spent 2 hours in airplane, and 8 hours in ferry, and arrived at Kuala Enok at Saturday night.


31 Days Traveling & Frugal Homeschooling in Remote Area

Welcome to 31 Days Traveling & Frugal Homeschooling in Remote Area. The series will begin at July 1-31st, 2015. 
Since May 8th, 2015, our family moved from Java island to Sumatera island, in a remote area. The nature is great here! We are living nearby the river, which is a very new place for us to live. Here we can see the eagles fly! Clean water, salty air, and much more.
But we have to learn so many things here to make sure we will save and sound, because there is no supermarket, no hospital, no mall, and only one church!




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