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Homeschooling With Moore Formula In Remote Area

Raymond Moore in remote area
Since we decided to homeschool, I choose Moore Formula as our learning method. What does this method teach me about education, and how to apply the method in remote area?
√ Better late than early. Moore Formula emphasizing child readiness in every learning. Parent or teacher can’t push a child to learn a subject when they are not ready. I think this point is the best of Moore method. In fact, school can’t wait! That makes me think that homeschool is the best for my kid, wherever we go.


Avoiding Homeschool Burn Out If You Homeschooling In Remote Area

homeschool burn out
A homeschool mom that living in a remote area easily suffer from homeschool burn out, they are away from homeschool community that means away from other homeschool moms to hangout. They are away from entertainment such as spa, theater, shopping mall, etc. And many of them far away from family. This factors can contribute homeschool burn out to occur more easily.
Signs of Homeschool Burnout
√ Feeling overwhelmed. If you feel that you have so much burden over your homeschool, but don’t know how to let it go, that means you suffer the burn out.
√ Feeling lack of hope. There’s no other way. All the door closed. That is how you feel when you burn out.
√ Easily to get angry. 
√ Considering to enroll children in school.
√ Headache and other fatigue. This are psychosomatic, physical illness that you suffer from psychologically burn out.
√ Lack of confidence. You are not confidence teaching your child, you even feel inadequate.
√ Feel that your kids are not learning enough. You compare your child to others, and you can’t find their excellences.


You Want To Homeschooling In Remote Area?

In fact, we physically exist in a remote area with very limited means. But I do not want our knowledge to be limited too, especially for my son. Today I read a few questions from a homeschool forum, asking if they can homeschool in remote area. Of course you can, but you have to do your homeschool a little different than at the city. However, the environment are different.
If you want to homeschooling in remote area, here are the differences than in city:
√ Remote area is far away from city, it makes the shipping cost for your homeschool resources, especially books, more expensive.
√ Remote area doesn’t have good library. You should manage your needs of good books by yourself.
√ You will not find wifi hotspot everywhere in remote area. At the city, we are easily find wifi hotspot everywhere, in library, cafe, mall.
√ No fast food restaurant. You have to cook your own but healthy meal.
√ Not all your needs are met in remote area, often you have to take a far away trip and long duration only to buy your needs, such as medicine, book, or clothing.
√ There is no good quality courses.


The Advantages Of Thematic-Interest Based Learning In Art And Craft

thematic interest based learning
Art and craft are simple works, as simple as making thing that you want to. The hardest part happen when we want to imitate someone else work. Say you want to make a hat that is similar with the hat that was made by knitting expert, but your expertise in knitting is beginner level, you will have to work so very hard to make the hat.
For beginners artist and crafter, I suggest you to do it just for fun, fun, and fun! Yes you have to mastering the skill, but do it in step by step, do not ambitious or you’ll get depressed and therefore art and craft not become fun activities anymore.


When I Need To Know About His Feeling

when I Need To Know About His Feeling
Living in a very new place, left our homeland for a long time, is never easy. Especially if you go to a place that have so much differences than your origin. There are few things that make our family unhappy with our new place, but there are things that make us happy. Far away from our parents and grandparent, our cats, and our friends are things that makes us unhappy. Togetherness of the new adventures, knowing different places and cultures, and for my husband it is about working in a different circumstances, those are things that makes us happy.




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