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Resources for Homeschooling With Google Play Books

As a homeschool family, we are free to choose which educational resource which will be used by our kids. Books, educational games and toys, craft materials, we can choose all that match with our family’s need. Some family choose the best curriculum for their children, even if the curriculum is expensive. And some family choose religious curriculum according to their religion.

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Kaiserschmarrn At Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #35

kaiserschmarrnKaiserschmarrn, Favorite German Recipe
Welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop! The Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop is a place where bloggers can share multicultural activities, crafts, recipes, and musings for our creative kids. We can't wait to see what you share this time! Created by Frances of Discovering the World through My Son's Eyes, the blog hop has now found a new home at Multicultural Kid Blogs.


Understanding Martin Luther King Jr Through His Quotes

There are many ways to understanding a hero’s personality, characters, and his battle. Whether through the biography, direct talk with his family, his writing, or else. Why we need to understand hero’s characters? Because by understanding their characters we can imitate their spirit and get inspired to fight for our idealism.


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Learning History To Reach A Better Life

veteran stamps
History is the best teacher of life. That’s why I like to read history book. As a homeschool mom, I like to teach history to my son. Reading biography books or articles, write essay about history facts, discuss our family histories, etc.
If you see into my bookshelf, you will see that I have more historical books than math or science books! That’s because I prefer my son to learn from the past as his character building learning. If your characters are good, you will learn all the knowledge easily.




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