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The Effects of Homeschooling To My Marriage

effects of homeschooling to marriage
Homeschooling is a way for family to educate their own child in their own way. This means, all family members should involved to get the homeschooling doing good. We can’t separate homeschooling with marriage. If your marriage happy, your homeschool child will learn well, but if not, your homeschool child will unhappy too, their learn will miserable.
There are action and reaction at the relationship between homeschooling and marriage, the action is: the more happy marriage, the better homeschool will be. Parent without marriage stress will educating their child better. And the reaction is: happy homeschooling makes happy marriage, where your child learn happily, grow to be a happy and smart kid, this child development makes the parent happy and satisfied, and it affect the marriage.
Sometimes things were not well. Homeschool difficulty often happened that will affect your marriage. My friend told me sadly that her husband criticized her inability to educate their child after knew that his child could not understand a lesson, instead of discuss about their homeschooling. I am sure none of us want to have problem like this, however homeschooling are not only wife or only husband responsibility, it is husband’s and wife’s responsibility.
I am so glad we never have problems in our marriage from our homeschooling, although my son is not a super kid. He is ordinary kid that sometimes hard to understand his lesson. How we manage our marriage and our homeschool to be a harmony daily routines?
Consider homeschool as processes of togetherness
Togetherness in choosing the learning method, togetherness at learning, an togetherness in difficulty. It is not only one person responsibility. Do homeschool together. Although you work everyday to collect money, you still have to involve directly with your children’s learning, they are not only need your concepts, they need your act and love!
Learn to make constructive criticism
Say your criticism with love, with intention to encourage your spouse to develop herself/himself, not to blame. Choose the right words and right intonation, to make your spouse understand your intention. If your spouse offended, you have to ask for sorry. This is the sign that you have to learn more to choose the right words and intonation.
Learn to accept criticism to improve yourself
Otherwise, you must learn to understand the criticism that aimed to improve yourself. Maybe your spouse’s aim is to encourage you, but he/she can’t expressed it appropriately. Than both of you have to help each other, not to blame each other.
By doing these, we manage our marriage and homeschooling better, hand in hand to learn with our son. Even, we growth our personality through all interaction at homeschool and marriage, we become a better person! The main idea is: you have to manage your mindset, that marriage is about to develop each other, not to destroy. By this mindset you will see that every conflict will develop your personality, include the conflict that you get from your homeschooling.



+1 #2 Kristi Miller 2015-08-07 23:53
Two things I'm very passionate about- marriage and homeschooling! We have just begun our homeschooling journey so I'm pinning this great advice. I found you at Make a Difference Monday's. God bless!
+1 #1 Karen 2015-08-07 18:19
I totally here you on that. As a homeschool mom of 16+ years, i've come to know first hand how schooling the kids at home can affect the environment of the whole household. I like your great reminders. I'm going to hold onto those as we gear up for another year! thanks!

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