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The Unveiled Wife - A Book Review

I feel this is not a coincidence, when I read “The Unveiled Wife”, my husband go to other island and left me alone only with my son for a couple days, and we are planning to move to Sumatera island. These two facts bring me to stressful condition. 
When I alone only with my son and my excessive workload, I feel overload and also helpless. That’s sometime make me cry. I continue to ask God, why I have to face this burden? The fact that we will move to Sumatera island is also give me some burden. It’s been 40 years I live in a big city at Java, which has good means of living. In contrary, at Sumatera we will live in a very small village. Can you imagine how hard the adaptation process that we had to face? This all happened because of my husband. 
If I continue to blame my husband, what is the different between me and the sinner? I realize I have to support my husband, keep him in the hand of God with my love and devotion. That way I keep my family in His hand. In fairy tales, we told that a prince is stronger than a princess, but in real marriage, a wife should be strong too, to keep the family unify.
It’s been years since I learn to live in a more love and devotion to my husband. He love me so much, and so do I. And I thank God that He unifying us until now. When I read The Unveiled Wife, I keep on saying “I’ve been that way!” and in other way “That was so me!” This book is a mirror of my life. 

The Unveiled Wife

I like Jen’s writing style. She telling her story in a woman way, as a woman I feel comfort reading this book, it feels like sitting in a couch with a cup of coffee and hearing your best friend telling her story. Yes Jen, you are so close to me when I read your story.
The Unveiled Wife is not an idealism about a marriage. It’s about true story of a woman that try to save her marriage and safe herself in her relationship with God. It is easy to fall into sin when your relationship with your husband became estranged. But as His creature that been saved by Him, we do not want to fall into sin. All you have to do is to keep your heart into His words, and Jen tell us the way in this book.
What Jen tell us through this book is a reflection of marriage life itself. I think almost all marriage couples will face problems like Jen. I recommend The Unveiled Wife for women to be married, you will learn about what you're going to face on your marriage life, and how to successfully through it.
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A brief introduction about Jennifer Smith 

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is an author, her passion is to encourage wives all around the world to develop God-centered marriage. She Authored The Unveiled Wife, Wife After God, and 31 Prayers For My Husband. Visit her website
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