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Sup Ikan Batam (Batam Fish Soup)

sop ikan batam
Indonesian islands rich with fish and seafood. Batam, a small island in west Indonesia near Singapore, have special food called Sup Ikan (fish soup). Made from snapper, shrimp, anchovy, and vegetables. It taste savory and sour. Super delicious. If you traveling to Indonesia, go to Batam island, and find a restaurant named “Sup Ikan Yong Kee”, they serve the best sup ikan. Meanwhile you can try to cook yourself.


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Fried cassava is simple snack I like to eat, it taste savoury, crisp outside and tender inside. Easy to make. Here is the recipe:
1 kg cassava
1 teaspon salt
2 teaspon garlic powder
Water to boil the cassava
Cooking oil to fried 
Peel the cassava, wash with clean water. Cut about 5 cm long.
Prepare the pan, put the cassava into the pan, fill with water until all the cassava soak into the water. 
Add salt and garlic powder to the water, stir well. Then boil until the cassava tender. Let the cassava soak into the spice about 1-2 hours.
Prepare the pan, fill with cooking oil, heat the pan. Drain the cassava, then fried until the outside crisp. 
And the fried cassava ready to served! Yummy....!




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