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Read Around The World Summer Series: The Dancing Folktales

This is the second time I am participating in the Read Around The World Summer Series of Multicultural Kid Blogs. All the books that I recommend have been read by our family, and we mark them as a good book. So here is the book that we recommended for 2017: The Dancing Folktales

Read Around The World Summer Series: The Dancing Folktales

Read Around The World Summer Series: The Dancing Folktales

Read Around The World Summer Series: The Dancing Folktales

So, what do you read this summer?



0 #20 Garf 2017-06-24 16:31
Fortunately, both of my nieces and nephews love to read. I read whatever I am in the mood for the day ;-)
0 #19 Echo 2017-06-23 13:51
I love books that teach important lessons! I also love books that teach me something I didn't know before!
0 #18 lLeigh Anne Borders 2017-06-23 13:07
I think it is so important to expose our children to a variety of cultures. What better way to do that than through children's books.
0 #17 Ashley 2017-06-23 00:54
I love the illustrations in this one!
0 #16 Carol Cassara 2017-06-22 14:34
Sounds like the perfect books for the kids! It's definitely what you'll want to have them read during the summer!
0 #15 Eileen Kelly 2017-06-22 03:59
am always reading with my niece. So important to share about other cultures so our kids can learn to understand we are all different and have wonderful history
0 #14 cynthia nicoletti 2017-06-22 01:09
So nice for children to learn about different cultures. It is wonderful.
0 #13 Tina Gleisner 2017-06-21 14:43
Love what you're doing & what a fun way for kids to learn about different countries as dancing is something they can relate to where most other things aren't imaginable at a young age.
0 #12 Athena 2017-06-21 14:31
Our family loves learning about other cultures through fictional stories interwoven. We also love learning history through that same method. So interesting and the kids will remember it much more readily.
0 #11 Blair villanueva 2017-06-21 09:10
My little sister loves to read! So this summer I sent her new books for her to enjoy for the summer. Plus coloring books!

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