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Christmas Devotion - Christmas Story 3

Free Christmas stories & activities for kids

Story was written and illustrated by Maria Magdalena
Devotion is a good habit that should be done every day by a good Christian. Devotion can bring us closer to God, knowing what He wants from us. That's why mother always asks Pandu to devote his time to God, especially at Advent, the days before Christmas.
Mother collecting Advent verses, and give them to Pandu daily. She put the verses into Pandu's gadget, that way Pandu can read it everywhere he go. After reading the verses, his mother will ask Pandu some questions to discuss the verses and how to apply the verses into his live. This will help Pandu to have some ideas about good behavior.
Father find some ideas about the Christmas tree! Did I mention about how hard they find pine tree to make Christmas tree? Yes, the tropical coastal area is not the right habitat for the pine trees. Father hardly thought about how to get the pine tree for Christmas. But he decides to buy a fake pine tree from across the island, where there is a store that offering free shipping, even if they shipping big item! Well, that is a very affordable offer, according to the father. And yes, Pandu have a Christmas tree!

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