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How I Manage My Time To Get All The Jobs Done?

how i manage my time
My friends keep asking me: “How do you manage your time with a lots of activities?” I’m not a good management of my jobs, but I always trying to get all jobs done. My daily jobs are:
  • housekeeper
    homeschool mom
Phew, a lots of jobs that should be done for a day!
I believe you who is reading this article, have a lots of jobs like me!
What do we need to get those done in a day?


Why Kids Should Diet

Why Kids Should Diet?
Since my son aged 7 years old, he have been on diet. This was rejected by his grandparents, because people in my country, considered "diet" as an attempt to lose weight. No, I didn’t want to make my son skinny. I want him to be a smart healthy kid, with balance activities and good rest, also avoid restlessness and anxiety that is the result of bad eating habit.


Managing Diabetes At Remote Area

managing diabetes
When we were considering moving to remote area, I was worried with my diabetes care. Does the clinic supply insulin? What if I need hospitalization due to diabetes, is there hospital near the house? What if the food they supplied not support my diabetes cure? All of these questions make me worried, but I decided to go to this remote area.
All of my worries seems not happened.


Levemir VS Lantus, The Effects On My Diabetic

Yesterday i was so disappointed with the fact that my effort and pain at the whole month was useless. It is about my blood glucose that is getting higher than last month. Before March, my doctor prescribed Lantus Solostar as my diabetic treatment. I injected every night, 12 units. And my test showed result about 160-190 mg/dL, that was good, I used to be 400 mg/dL before insulin treatment.
On March, I got Levemir as replacement of Lantus, my doctor said that Lantus is out of stock. OK, I thought they are just the same. If certain brand medicine is out of stock, doctor will prescribe the replacement that have the same effect. So I injected my Levemir the whole March. And guess what I got on April test? My blood sugar was 322 mg/dL! I was very shocked!




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