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I Change My Morning Habit Just Because of This (And It's OK)

So, today I started by cooking for family breakfast. I started this at 6:30 even though I woke up at 6:00 am but I need to have my coffee in silence for about 30 minutes. Wake up at 6:00 am is a bit late, but lately, I have a sleeping disturbance because of digestive problems, my stomach produces a lot of gas when I go to sleep right after I have my dinner. It's so annoying that I have to spend about 1-2 hours just sitting down alone at night to give my stomach a chance to work properly. Yeah I know I should have arranged for dinner 2 hours before bedtime.


I change my habits 

After preparing breakfast, I exercise with my son and husband. They run while I did the brisk walk. Why do I brisk walk and not run like them? Because I need that for my health demands. I have hypertension, my doctor advised me to do the brisk walking for 30 minutes or a distance of 5 km, three times a week. This sport is indeed effective in overcoming hypertension and type 1 diabetes that I suffer from. If you suffer from hypertension or type 1 diabetes, please consult your doctor for the appropriate exercise, because different conditions will differ in exercise.

The happiest part after that takes a shower, it was so fresh! I have a habit to drink coconut water daily especially after exercise because this will replace all minerals that were gone while exercising. Oh, this feels so refreshing! They say that coconut water also can manage high blood pressure better.

kara cocoI like to drink Kara Coco coconut water, easy to store and not too sweet

And then I continued with breakfast and cleaning the house. Today feels perfect because after cleaning up the house I still have the energy to wash my son's bed linen. I wash by hand, not by machine because here I don't have a washing machine. Not because I can't afford to buy it, but because the structure of the apartment's sewage flow is not suitable for placing the washing machine. It seems that the residents of this apartment are forced to wash their dirty clothes at the laundry service in the shopping area on the ground floor.

The sequence of activities like this is not my habit. Usually, I do sports in the afternoon because I used to clean the house and homeschool my son in the morning until noon. After that I usually get tired. I take a little time to have a nap and then I do the brisk walking. Lately, the sun is very hot, the afternoon is still very hot, this makes me lazy to exercise and as a result, my body feels not good. I easily get colds, fever, and was so sleepy that I couldn't work properly.

Why did I choose to finish my daily housework in the morning? Maybe just because of my habit. I was born and live on the island of Java, where we finish all the housework in the morning, although there are things we still have to do in the evening or at night, such as washing the dishes. We wash clothes, clean the floors, wash the dishes, tidy up the rooms, water the plants, and do our cooking in the morning. Almost all houses do this habit so that if you observed, the flow of the tap water in the morning usually decreases because many people use it for their housework.

So, it looks like I'm going to change my exercise habit from afternoon to morning to stay healthy without overheating. A habit changing is not only about bad habits, but also about self-management to find the perfect time to do something. How about you, are there any habits you want to change?


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