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Teaching Basic Accounting In Remote Area

accounting monopolyThis is how my son write down our financial calculation
I can’t do accounting, I am weak in numerical. But my husband different than me, he is good in accounting and logical matters. One skill that I want my son to have are financial skills, he should be able to counting, analyzing, predicting his financial, and of course working to get money. One aspect of financial skill is accounting. Ok, now we want him to learn the basic skill of accounting: making financial report. As you can guess, my husband is the person in charge because he is good at this.


Developing Critical Thinking For Homeschooling With Only One Child

critical thinking
Ability to think critically is important as a way to solve the problems. If this is not your child’s habit, develop now, ‘cause they will need this ability as a way to struggle in his live. Critical thinking is a way to analyze and evaluate problems, so that your child will find the solution.


Visiting Indigenous Friends

visiting indigenous friends
We were just got home after visiting our local friends. They were indigenous people in this remote area. We learn a lot about the culture and, of course, the food!
When we arrived at my friend’s house, we met her father. At age 78th years, he looks younger than his age! It is surprising me. I guess it because he is moving his body everyday, this move has effects as low impact sport.



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