These 8 "Don't"(s) Makes Me Never Bored With Homeschooling

8 donts homeschool
I frequently heard my friends said that they were burned out with their homeschooling. Some of them decided to give up and send their kids to public school, and some of them looking for the cure. I’m not going to put anyone at wrong position at this post, however it’s your choice. I want to tell you, that it has been 8 years I homeschool my son, and I never want to give up by sending him to public school. Honestly, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my job as mother, housewife, and also working at home mom, but I never feel burn out.
At this post I want to share eight don’t(s) that keep my homeschool spirit alive:
1. Don’t make your homeschooling as routines. For me, learning routines are boring. To avoid routines, I make differences in our learning methods. Be creative, combine every learning methods to be your own method. Creativity is fun!
2. Don’t make your homeschool as a competition with others. Competition is a short term achievement, after you lose or win, your motivation will disappear. It will be much better if you do homeschool as a fun activity with your child.
3. Don’t make homeschool as a short term project. Homeschool is a long term activity where you teach your child the way of learning. Enjoy it as everyday learning interaction.
4. Don’t make homeschooling as a self-actualization. Homeschooling is not about you, it’s about your child and their future. By thinking that homeschool is your self-actualization, you will easily get bored when there is no one noticed you. Otherwise, if you think homeschooling is about your child, you will keep your attention to homeschool, and you will love the processes as you love your child.
5. Don’t let your child learn alone! Nor you teach alone! You and your child learn together and teach together. Trust me, you will have more and more fun by this interaction.
6. Don’t envy with homeschooling of others. Different places, different cultures, and different family means different homeschool. Envy led to dissatisfaction and desires that can be fulfilled, those are negative feelings that will make you easily burn out.
7. Don’t push yourself and your child to do what you do not want to do. If you don’t like to learn with textbook, then don’t! If you homeschool, you are free to choose your learning method. Keep in mind that the most important thing is that your child is learning, not the use of certain learning method, although your friend said that her learning method was successful.
8. Don’t compare your homeschool with others. You are different, and different things can’t be compared. Uniqueness is cool.
So, I have 8 don’t(s) here, go add yours in comment box!