Frugal Homeschooling For Visual-Kinesthetic Learner

visual kinesthetic learner
What if your child is a visual-kinesthetic learner? Can you do frugal homeschooling?
I do! Since my son was still 7 years old, I knew that he is a visual and kinesthetic learner. I should set our learning that suite with him so learning will be fun. As a kinesthetic learner, he should move around while learning, and learning should begin with sports, like running, jumping, push up, sit up, etc. By doing this, his brain will be more ready to learn.
Kinesthetic learning can be done in frugal ways. Such as simple sports, having fun jumping on the bed, or learn by touching the learning objects. Kinesthetic learning is fun way to learn, you only have to add some creativities and much ideas to active physically while learning.
As a visual learning, my son need a visual representation of the learning subject. Videos, models, pictures, diagrams, will help him to learn better. How do I combine these two learning styles to make a better learning processes?
√ I don’t like buying models for our visual learner, I prefer to use paper, scissor, glue, and all things that around us. Frugal living means living in more creative way, using real things around us is better in building creativity than buying models. I use real square container filled with water to explain water volume. As you can see at the photo, he also write the size of the container that he count at each side, for the height of the water I use calendar to write the size.
√ I prefer using Khan Academy to explain angles and other math problems when my son seems don’t understand my “flat” explanation.
√ When my son in first grade, I taught him addition and subtraction by visiting store and counting candies at the store. This learning was so much fun! But I didn’t let him bought those candies, however, candies are not healthy food.
√ I usually ask my son to make a story in our Bahasa Indonesia subject. When making story, he also make pictures according to the story. After the story done, we check his writing together, and make correction. 
√ We like history so much! History means role play time! We arrange the conversation as we like, according to the history. The player is only me and my son, but I can do more than one figures, lol!
Sometimes, those ways are not enough to make my visual-kinesthetic learner learn the best. He needs to jumping on the bed after counting one math problem, or jumping out the window after writing one paragraph. But that’s ok. That will not be ok if he is in school, the teacher won’t let him doing those, and the learning style will make learning troubles. That is one reason why I homeschooling my son.

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