Teaching Basic Accounting In Remote Area

accounting monopolyThis is how my son write down our financial calculation
I can’t do accounting, I am weak in numerical. But my husband different than me, he is good in accounting and logical matters. One skill that I want my son to have are financial skills, he should be able to counting, analyzing, predicting his financial, and of course working to get money. One aspect of financial skill is accounting. Ok, now we want him to learn the basic skill of accounting: making financial report. As you can guess, my husband is the person in charge because he is good at this.
A few days ago we bought Monopoly board games in nearest market, still in the remote area. It cost only IDR10K (not more than US$1). When we play, we know that there were something wrong with the monopoly’s money, the amount of money are not in accordance with the needs of the players. So we decided not to use the money. My son suggest us to write down the financial calculations, from this suggestion, my husband got an idea to teach accounting from the games! That was so cool!
And we began to play the monopoly. My son just need a little direction to get his job as financial accounting done. He did his job very well. How my husband taught my son? It is easy, he only provide his son with one sheet of white paper and calculator, and my son only have to write all financial flows on the correct columns, and count them. The other rule is: there was no financial flow to be missed.
How did he felt about his accounting learning? He did learn happily because he learn from the games! Children love games (and so do I), why we prohibit them from playing games? Use games to learn and they will learn happily. As you can see, we can learn a lot of subjects at this remote area, and we can do frugal homeschool in remote area.


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