You Want To Homeschooling In Remote Area?

In fact, we physically exist in a remote area with very limited means. But I do not want our knowledge to be limited too, especially for my son. Today I read a few questions from a homeschool forum, asking if they can homeschool in remote area. Of course you can, but you have to do your homeschool a little different than at the city. However, the environment are different.
If you want to homeschooling in remote area, here are the differences than in city:
√ Remote area is far away from city, it makes the shipping cost for your homeschool resources, especially books, more expensive.
√ Remote area doesn’t have good library. You should manage your needs of good books by yourself.
√ You will not find wifi hotspot everywhere in remote area. At the city, we are easily find wifi hotspot everywhere, in library, cafe, mall.
√ No fast food restaurant. You have to cook your own but healthy meal.
√ Not all your needs are met in remote area, often you have to take a far away trip and long duration only to buy your needs, such as medicine, book, or clothing.
√ There is no good quality courses.
By what I describe above, I am pretty sure you think that homeschooling in remote area is impossible to do. You will need library, good books, good internet connection, etc. Ok, good internet connection is an important need, you should consider about this when decide to move to a remote area.
Without good internet connection we still can learn, but internet is the window of the world. You can’t see the world and learn a lot without it. You can read good books from internet, and you don’t have to buy them with expensive shipping cost. You can enroll to good quality online courses and learn from the expert.
But how if there is no good internet connection?
Before we move to this remote area, there are four things that I ask: safety, clean water, electricity, and good internet connection. I know that these are four main factors to a good life and learn. We don’t need fancy restaurant, television, mall, grocery store, expensive offline courses, or manipulated playground. How about food? I am sure we can find fresh food in this area. Fish, prawn, crab, vegetables are served abundantly and fresh here.
If those four things can’t be met properly, I will not move to this area. We met the four needs, safe and sound! And here we are, a homeschool family in the middle of nowhere, but I think I have to change the name, not “homeschooling”, but “universchooling”, because we learn at the universe not only at home!


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