Far Away From Homeschool Community

far away from homeschool community
Homeschool community is where you can interact frequently with other homeschool family, field trips, learn together, or playdates. By joining a homeschool community you will get homeschool encouragement, and your child will have many homeschool friends. You can get many benefits. But not every homeschool family luckily live in an area where there is homeschool community activities. I myself is a local homeschool community founder, but now I have to leave them, and live in an area that have no homeschool community. Deep down inside I want to build homeschool community here, but as long as I observe, I know that it would be a long term journey, because people in this area doesn’t know about homeschool! They still thinking that there is no education outside the school.
OK, I have to manage my homeschool so that my son still have friends to chit chat and I still have community to encourage me. Encouragement is easy to get by joining online homeschool community, and I do! I join in Indonesia online homeschool community and international online homeschool community. This way not only encouragement, I also get information about homeschool resources and legal information.
But how about friends for my son? He absolutely need friendship. We are live in a remote area, we have so much different point of view with local people, and also, we live in a company housing that separated with a big factory from local people housing, so we have to walk about one kilometres to go out and meet local people.
First, I do encourage him to contact his homeschool friends by messenger. He is a kind of introvert child, it is not easy to encourage him to do so. I keep telling him about benefit of friendship even if it should be by messenger only. Second, I also encourage him by giving him some points if he keep his friendship alive at messenger. He can use these points to pay times to play games and to buy some goods that he want to. Third, I actively looking for some activities for my son that involving other children, such as english club. By this way I hope he can have friendship in this area.
I know it will be not easy. But we are still trying and do our best to our son. If you are homeschool family and have the same problem, please comment here, I will like to have nice chat with you.


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