Go Frugal: When We Had No Book To Read

I knew from the very first time that we would face hard early days in new place. We live in a so much different place than before. From a big city, to a remote area. I do not want to burden my son and myself in this beginning, but I still want my son to learn.
Thank god we have good internet connection, although our computer just ready to use at second day since we were here. It’s ok, all we could do was enjoy our new horizon, breathed our new air, and met new friends while we wait for our packages that full with our textbook and workbook.
Until one week later, our packages that should be sent by the courier still not arrived. The panic attacked me! How if those packages missing? Or broken? I have to buy another book for my son, and I can’t work because my fabrics and lots of working tools in the packages. I have to calmed down, panic isn’t works! I had to find a way so my son still can learn.
We only have: computer with internet connection and new place. Those should be used for learning tools. Since we began to homeschool, I do keep my son’s learning portofolio in digital form. By this way, I don’t have to keep all paper, books, in our small house. And, I can take them all the way we go as long as there is internet connection. Isn’t it good idea to be paperless?
With this situation, I opened again our last portofolio, and knew what we could do next. After that, I just had to look for our learning materials from websites that supply them. But, we didn’t print our learning material. We made a new document from Google Drive, put our learning there. We totally go digital! So, no book, no printer, doesn’t mean no learning, right?
Being frugal homeschool is not hard, as long as we understand child-needs, curriculum, and what is good or bad learning resources. We can use whatever resources near us to learn.


From the series of
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