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Helping Kids To Train The Heroic Traits In Themselves

“Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of the true education.”
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Heroic history is very interesting, not only to be studied as for school examinations. But also as a character development learning process. If the kids know about the battle and character of the hero, the next step is to help them grow those traits. This is important because this is the beginning of heroic character formation in kids.

Helping kids to train the heroic traits in themselves

If you want to guide your kids towards the formation of heroic character, we need to break down what traits are included in the heroic character and then determine the important steps in learning and make it a habit. Habits will develop characters.
Hero traits (according to the Lifehack):
1. Courage. A hero trait is an act of courage. They are willing to take the risk when others are hiding somewhere.
2. Passion. A hero has a strong passion to do something and therefore inspire others to do the same.
3. Integrity. A hero has integrity, they never change from inner values even in a difficult situation.
4. Honesty. A hero always honest, expect honesty from others, and not penalize people for being honest.
5. Confidence. A hero has the self-confidence, they feel ok with themselves. That way they can convince others to feel confident with themselves too.
6. Patience. This is the main character that helps them succeed in spreading their messages.
7. Selflessness. They care more about the success of the group than their own success.
8. Caring. It about cares to make the world a better place. Their action is intended to improve the lives of others.
9. Humility. A hero realizes their own weaknesses, therefore, they always learn from others and give credit to all people behind their success. They never thought that success was the result of their own hard work but there are other people behind it.
10. Supportive. A true hero always supports the needs of their subordinates. They always guide others and approachable by their followers.
After knowing about these traits, we can start to break down into a more doable term and start to train the kids. All of these traits can be teach and practice since young kids. Always remember that kids learn the best from example by the parent. As a parent, we should start to change and practice the hero traits too start from now to be a good example for your kids.

“I educate myself to educate my child”

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