The Goal of The Month - Printables For Teens

To be focused on what we want to reach, we have to know what our goals are. We have to write the goals, or draw them! Do whatever you like to make you remember your goals, that will push your actions toward the goals. The 8th printables of 10 Days Printables For Teens series is "Goal of The Month". You can print it, the start to write and draw your goals for the month. Download for FREE here:
Here are the complete printables you can download for free: 
1. "You Rock" to encourage teens 
2. Money saving challenge worksheet 
3. Life Laugh - Color it like a graffiti 
4. Dear Diary 
5. My Room My Rules - Color it like a graffiti 
6. Day To Remember - Color it like a graffiti 
7. Father's Day And Mother's Day Card - Color It Like A Graffiti 
8. Voice of Truth
9. The Goal of The Month (this page)


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