Voice of Truth

Wow, it is the 8th day of "10 Days of Printables For Homeschooling Teens"! This time I make an encouragement card about the voice of truth. On this card, teens can write their negative thinking when it comes, and counter the negative by writing the voice of truth, it is the truth behind the negative thought. So that teens can be optimistic again. You can download for free here:


Here are the complete printables you can download for free: 
1. "You Rock" to encourage teens 
2. Money saving challenge worksheet 
3. Life Laugh - Color it like a graffiti 
4. Dear Diary 
5. My Room My Rules - Color it like a graffiti 
6. Day To Remember - Color it like a graffiti 
7. Father's Day And Mother's Day Card - Color It Like A Graffiti 
8. Voice of Truth (this page)

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