Online College For Homeschooler, Questions And Answers

In this series, I will discuss online college, from the point of view of parents who accompany homeschooling boy study in online college at a young age. I will discuss the topic in the question/answer format.

online college for homeschooler, questions and answers

Why online college?
Online college is a college that can be attended through gadget equipped with the internet, without direct face to face presence. However, there are several online colleges that require student attendance at enrolling.
Online college is required by people who:
- Live far away from the college. For example, living in a village or rural area, but want to learn and get certified from a famous college.
- Has a major business that can’t be left to go to college. Whether they working or keeping a family member, is one of the reasons for choosing an online college.
- Traveler. For the traveler, online college is very profitable, because it can run anywhere as long as there are gadget and internet connection. And today, the internet connection covers most of the world.
- Have physical limitations to reach the college. Physical disability or illness can prevent a person from reaching college, online college is very helpful for them.
- Young kids who want to get a college education, but too young to live in a dorm or get socialization with college mates who are older than him.
Should homeschoolers go to online college?
No, but online college is very helpful for homeschoolers to achieve education and certification. Because generally homeschoolers love to travel and happy to explore his own lessons at the time he has set himself.
We are a homeschooling family living in the remote area, for us, go to a good college will be very expensive. In addition, our son was too young to live on his own in the college’s dormitory. However, we want him to be certified in his study. That's why we chose the online college for him.
However, if you are homeschoolers and live in a city area close to the good college, do not hesitate to enroll your child there. Online and non-online college have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Are all online colleges available for homeschoolers?
No, there are some that require students to have a diploma from a school in the previous stage. But most online colleges can be attended by homeschoolers, as they apply admission tests to assess students, not necessitating a diploma from their previous school.
So, if you want to prepare your kids for online college, consider to enroll them in a private tuition (click here to find a tutor). This will make them get ready for the college.