Back To (Home) School After Deschooling

After a period of Deschooling, it's the time to back to homeschool! What is deschooling? Deschooling is the period of stopping from all the learn routines, the goal is to restore child’s passion for learning. It is similar to the school holiday, the difference is the duration of the deschooling is determined by the child, not by others. Deschooling can be abruptly terminated by the child. It is certainly encouraging parents when they discovered that their child is eager to do formal learning again, but at the same time, it potentially causing parents to be confused. Indeed, there are some preparations that parents should do during deschooling.

How to back to homeschool after a period of deschooling?

Learn the curriculum during the deschooling
There are many things you do not know about the curriculum you’ll use at your homeschool. When your child is in a period of emptying the brain, it's time for you to fill up your brain. Read the curriculum, know what you have to prepare for educating your child: books, movies, websites, or else.
Collect the learning materials but not excessively
Pssst... The most important: do not let your child see the learning materials were piled as high as your house! He will see it as a burden that can’t be handled by himself.
What is the planner?
We need a planner. Parents who worked as a school teacher will easily find the appropriate planner, but for parents who don’t have experience of class administration, they will get confused. Use the simple planner that doesn’t make you too busy so you forget about your child.
Learn the child's biological rhythms for reference to make schedule
When did he getting out of the bed? When will he be ready to move? When did he look tired? When did he look hungry? Learn about it every day, and use them as your guide to making the right learning schedule for your child, so that your child can learn effectively.
Enjoy the deschooling together, don’t rush him with a question: "When are you going to learn?" Let the child set his readiness. Deschooling doesn’t mean that your child doesn't learn, he can learn in any activities such as washing dishes, playing chess, playing football, or shopping. Parents should be able to create a relaxed and fun learning experience during the deschooling.
And when the time has arrived, you will say: “Welcome back to homeschooling!”