Find The Right Books and Websites

There are numerous books and websites that you can use to learn, whether it’s free or paid. You must be confused, what books and websites that you should use for your child to study in a very limited time? Here I share you some tips.
Tip #3: How to choose books and websites to study
Do you remember the tips number 1: "Learn about the homeschooling examination"?  on these tips I wrote that parents must learn the curriculum and past exams. It is strongly associated with these tips number 3. If you already know the curriculum and past exams associated with child exam, then you will easily determine the websites and books will be children use to learn. Provide books and websites that really useful, to the point as a child learning material in preparing for the exam.


Providing books excessively. Providing too many books will only complicate the kid to complete the study on time because it is too much to be learned. As well as websites. They will easily get overwhelmed.
Parent need to be smart and careful in this topic to avoid your kid being stressful.
 This is a part of 10 days series:

10 days of homeschool exam preparations

This is a part of 10 days series: