Learn About The Homeschooling Examination

Homeschooling parents must understand the curriculum of exams that will be undertaken by the kid. This is different from the kids who attend the public school, their parent doesn't have to know about the curriculum and the exam methods, all they have to do is study all the materials provided by the school. While homeschool parents must teach the curriculum and the methods to the kids by themselves. Kid’s success or failure in the exams was the result of hard work by the kid and parent. Then, what should parents do to prepare for the success?
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1. Knowing the framework of the examination
This can be done by downloading all the curriculum framework of the educational system that you adopt in your homeschooling. You can also download past exams, so your kid can learn from them. Instead of download, you can ask the curriculum framework and the past exam from the administrator of the examination. Warning: do not study by random or using the curriculum framework of other education systems. However, the purpose of the exam is to be successful, so that your kid should study in accordance with the examination curriculum.
2. Encourage the kid to know the situations of the room that will be used to administer the exam.
Tell him that he would sit in his chair while taking the exam, and there will be a teacher who will be the exam administrator. Also, how the exam will be finished and the paper collected if the time has run out. This is important especially for homeschooling children who never went to school, like my son, to reduce the possibility of failing the exam because they do not know about the situations. This point can be done by visiting the nearest school, and see the classrooms. Formal examinations usually held in the classroom.
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