Understanding Martin Luther King Jr Through His Quotes

There are many ways to understanding a hero’s personality, characters, and his battle. Whether through the biography, direct talk with his family, his writing, or else. Why we need to understand hero’s characters? Because by understanding their characters we can imitate their spirit and get inspired to fight for our idealism.
Today we are talk about Martin Luther King Jr., he is not only American hero, he is everyone’s hero, he was fight for peace, acceptance, equality, tolerance, love, and freedom. So, how do we learn about Martin Luther King Jr.? My son has grow up, he is now a teenager. He doesn’t want to do coloring and kids craft anymore. But he like to read biography. Last year when the We Give Books website was still alive, we read the book “I Have A Dream”. This year, when we talk about Martin Luther King Jr., he still recognizing him. But we are not going to read book again.
We were review and discuss Martin Luther King’s quotes! Some of the quotes really interesting and inspiring. Inspiring us to chase our dream, to better understand the relationship between human in society. Reading one or two sentences quote is a good way to achieve the spirit of Martin Luther King. I’m not going to say that reading quotes are better than reading the complete book.

“Inspiring us to chase our dream, to better understand the relationship between human in society”

According to my homeschooling experience, if your kid have read the book of Martin Luther King Jr. and then read the quotes, your kid will easily understand the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. And if your kid haven’t read the book but he first read the quotes, then he will be interested to know in detail through the book.
From this fact, I decided to make computer screen wallpaper of 2016 calendar with the picture of Martin Luther King Jr., his quotes, and set the nation’s cultural illustration as the background of calendar. The image size is 1360 x 768 pixel. I give the calendar free as a new year gift from me to you. If you set this calendar as your computer screen wallpaper, your kid will read it all the whole month, and probably will inspired by the quotes. You can download them here:
January-February calendar
Maret-April calendar
May-June calendar
July-August calendar
September-October calendar
November-December calendar
MLK Day 1024x1024