Learning History To Reach A Better Life

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History is the best teacher of life. That’s why I like to read history book. As a homeschool mom, I like to teach history to my son. Reading biography books or articles, write essay about history facts, discuss our family histories, etc.
If you see into my bookshelf, you will see that I have more historical books than math or science books! That’s because I prefer my son to learn from the past as his character building learning. If your characters are good, you will learn all the knowledge easily.
I don’t really like to arrange our history learning according to national curriculum. I choose to create our own curriculum. I don’t want my son to learn history “only like that”... mmmm…. do you know what I mean? I mean, only by reading textbook without understanding or appreciation the historical value.
I like to match our historical learning with today’s trending topic. For example, if people of the world celebrate the Star Wars, I ask my son to make an essay about George Lucas and his successful or unsuccessful stories. Then we discuss the how, what, when, where, and why about George Lucas of his essay. As a teenager, he like to do so. He feels being a “member of the world” by doing the essay and historical deep learning.
I found this method works! Since I don’t really care about the national examination, I like this learning method. I’m not sure my son will pass his exam if he submit to national examination of history, but I’m sure that my son will build his good and Godly characters by learning from the successful and failure of the past. That is the important aspect from learning, and that’s why I like homeschooling, it’s when you can choose what important to your kid!

To my American fellow, here is a great learning resource of history:
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11 Days of Veterans Day Activities For Kids teach history by combining role playing, poetry, songs, notebooking, games, field trip, and science. All interesting method to implement at your homeschooling. I’m sure your kid will like this method of learning.
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