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Fried Banana With Chocolate & Peanut Filling

fried banana 4
Banana is awesome! It taste sweet, contains vitamins and nutritions, and you can find almost everywhere in the world. Banana can be baked to be delicious cake or bread, cooked to be delicious meals, also can be yummy dessert and snack.
I always have banana in the house, my husband and son love to eat banana. If they hungry but there is no food, banana is a good choice!
Last day I try to make simple banana dessert. I'm sure you will like this banana dessert too. Very easy to make.


Tofu, Another Awesome Food

tahu baxo
Do you know tofu? Tofu is food that made of soybean. Soybean soaked within 8 hours, then in a blender blend the soybean until smooth, give a few vinegar (depends on amount of soybean and water). Then put the mixture into a piece of cloth that placed on top of the mold, let the water drip until the remaining part of the mixture undergo compaction. This compaction process take about 3-4 hours.
Tofu rich of vegetable protein. It is a healthy food that can be meat replacement. There are a lot of recipes using tofu as main ingredient, so there will be no reason to unlike the tofu taste, lol! One of famous tofu recipe in my country is called tahu baxo (tahu=tofu, in Indonesian), it is tofu filled with meat. At this recipe I use prawn, here I write the recipe for you:



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