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Cooking With Teenager: Hash Browns

When my teenager was a child, I read a lot of articles that say: inviting children to make food can train their fine motor while having fun! That's very true! Prepare the ingredients, slicing, sorting the beans, weighing the flour, those are some examples of activities that all the kids can do while cooking with the mother, which will eventually produce the delicious food they will enjoy. This kind of lesson will be fun and memorable of having fun with mom.


Cooking With Teenager: Raisins Bread

It’s been two years we lived in this coastal remote area, there is one daily necessity we didn’t get: bread! In our home town, the bread seller came through the front of our house every morning, we only have to call them and then we've got bread for breakfast. Nowadays, there is not a single store here that regularly sells bread, some shops do sell bread they get from the town, but the bread is contains many preservatives, it is not good for our health.
Baking our own bread is the only choice. But without bread maker tools, the process will be very tiring. Bread mixer and bread maker are two tools that we can use. But I choose bread maker rather than the mixer.


Cooking With Teenager: Egg Wrapping Fried Rice

Today I will share with you how to make an omelet as a food wrapper. This cooking idea came from my teenage son, and we cooked it together. Although in some try he failed when rocking the wok to spread the egg dough, some were successful! And he didn’t give up.
I have written the delicious fried rice recipe a few years ago, you can read it here.
The challenge of making this omelet is when you rock the wok to spread the dough. Often, the failure occurs because the pan is too hot, here is the tip: use the very low fire level, so that the dough will not cook before spread on the whole surface of the pan.


Cooking With Teens: Kolak

Cooking with a teenager is very interesting. They have creativity but also do not want to be too complicated in cooking. Cooking is a basic skill. No need to be an expert, but to be able to process ingredients into good food.
Yesterday I taught my son to cook a famous dessert from our country: kolak. This dessert is very common served with traditional Indonesian dishes. Easy to make, with simple ingredients.


Lemper, Indonesian Food To Enjoy On The Road

Many countries have food on the go, such as onigiri from Japan, pao from China, and burger from America. They are food with almost complete nutrition that takes only one hand to eat, they don’t have to be on the table to serve, we can enjoy them on the road.
In Indonesia we have lemper. It is sticky rice with chicken meat inside. Children (and their parent) love to enjoy lemper while traveling because lemper contains carbohydrates for energy and rich in proteins to keep us healthy and avoid hungry while traveling.



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