Awesome Traditional Food

awesome traditional food 3Otak-otak ikan (a kind of steamed chili fish cake) khas Batam
We all like our traditional food! Wherever you go, you will miss them. Me too! But, as a traveler, I do enjoy traditional food at every place that I visit. The most interesting way to present food, according to me, is at Padang. Padang is a capital city of West Sumatera province in Indonesia.
When you entering a restaurant at Padang, you don’t have to ordering food. You only need to order drink. Just sit down, and then the waiter will come to you, with a lots of plates! There are about 20 plates! And the waiter bring those plates at once on his hands! Awesome! They don’t using cart to bring the plates, only with his two hands.
awesome traditional food20 kind of food on 20 plates! Padang cuisine
Don’t hesitate to try all those food. They will charge only the meat, fish, and prawn. The rice, vegetables, and sambal comes in one price package.
And if you go to the other part of Indonesia, Batam, you will find different traditional food, although Batam is near from Padang. There you will find Sup Ikan (fish soup), and otak-otak, these are two famous food in Batam.
Please be careful when ordering coffee. The coffee is so delicious. One kind of coffee menu are written as “Kopi O” (=kopi kosong = zero coffee = empty coffee), which mean only coffee and hot water, no sugar, milk, creamer, or else. If you want to try the original coffee taste, you can order kopi O.
awesome traditional food 2Kopi O at Sekupang Harbour - Batam
If you go to east part of Java island, the most famous food are those using peanut and shrimp paste as sauce. I can mention rujak cingur, semanggi suroboyo, lontong balap, gado-gado, those are delicious food with peanut and shrimp paste sauce.
awesome traditional food 5Sayur asin Suroboyo, an East Java cuisine with shrimp paste sauce
I like original taste food. Sometimes, when you go to a place, there are food from other place that modified to match with local taste, it is so weird to me. As if you go to Indonesia and want to enjoy pizza, you will not get the original pizza taste except you go to pizza restaurant that owned by Italian. Or you want to eat gado-gado (which is originally from East Java) at Sumatera, oh that will not be awesome at all!
Moral of the story: enjoy original awesome food at its original place! That will be awesome!



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