Indonesian Talam Ebi Recipe

tasty tuesdayHello! I want to show you one famous food from my country, it is called "Talam Ebi". Talam (the white part of the cake at the picturfe) is made from flour, and ebi is made of shrimp. It taste savory, and "shrimpy" (lol.. can you tell me what it say in English for the taste of the prawn?), I like it! Talam ebi is easy to make. So, here is the recipe:
 Ingredients A:
150 gr rice flour 
45 gr sago flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoon sugar
800 ml of coconut milk
1 pcs pandan leaves (optional)
Ingredients B:
10 gr wheat flour
10 gr rice flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
225 ml of coconut milk
Ingredients C:
Shredded dried prawn (ebi).
1. Mix all ingredients B, cook until boiling. 
2. Mix rice flour, sago flour, salt, sugar, and 200 ml coconut milk from ingredients A. 
3. Cook 600 ml of coconut milk and pandan leaves until boiling. Put into dough number 2, mix well.
4. Prepare the boiler, wrap the lid with clothing to prevent the steam from falling into the talam dough. Heat the boiler.
5. Prepare talam mold, basting with cooking oil or vegetable oil. 
6. Pour the dough from ingredients A into the mold until 3/4 high. Put the talam mold into the boiler, cook about 10 minutes.
7. Open the boiler's lid, pour 1 tablespoon ingredients B. Close the boiler with the lid, and cook about 5 minutes with medium heat.
8. Replace the talam mold from the boiler, let them cool. After the talam cool, replace the mold carefully.
9. Put the shredded ebi on top of the talam, and your delicious talam ebi ready to serve.
You can find all ingredients in Asian market.