Valentine's Day Spaghetti

Valentine's Day is coming! This event is not only celebrated by couples who are in love, but also by families to celebrate love.

From year to year since my son was not a baby anymore, I faced the same problem: what will I serve for the family on Valentine's Day? My son doesn’t like sweet foods, such a cake with cream, cookies with icing, and I’m a diabetic, I can’t eat too much carb and sugar.
spaghetti for valentine's day
If I look through the Pinterest Valentine's food ideas, mostly are pastries, cakes, and sweets with pink or red buttercream or icing, and chocolate. I once baked a beautiful Valentine cake with buttercream, but my son didn’t want to eat them, it just my husband who eats one slice a day and at the second day, we should throw the cake to the garbage can.
This year I don’t want to repeat the same tragedy. Therefore, I will only cook food that is really liked by my family and good for my health. That's what true love means: to give the best to our dear ones.
OK, then I will make spaghetti with homemade sauce (click for the recipe). With a lot of sprinkles parmesan cheese on top, because we are the fans of cheese:

spaghetti for valentine's day

And the heart-shaped fried corned beef that is easy to make: mix corned beef with one egg, then make a thin omelette from the mix. Wait until the omelette is in room temperature then cut in the heart shape: 

spaghetti for valentine's day

I think we need to consider that to make our family happy, they don’t need only fancy food. But most of all, they will like to have their favorite food to be served according to the special day's theme.