Cooking With Teenager: Raisins Bread

It’s been two years we lived in this coastal remote area, there is one daily necessity we didn’t get: bread! In our home town, the bread seller came through the front of our house every morning, we only have to call them and then we've got bread for breakfast. Nowadays, there is not a single store here that regularly sells bread, some shops do sell bread they get from the town, but the bread is contains many preservatives, it is not good for our health.
Baking our own bread is the only choice. But without bread maker tools, the process will be very tiring. Bread mixer and bread maker are two tools that we can use. But I choose bread maker rather than the mixer.

Cooking with teenager: raisins bread, super easy with bread maker

Days ago we bought a bread maker, so that the needs of bread can be more fulfilled. And it turns out right, making bread with bread maker is so easy! Event my son like to help bake a bread. So, this is the bread that he first baked: raisins bread!
Of course, my kitchen was so messy! Flour and sugar everywhere, because during the process he joked with his father. But that is a part of the fun learning process! It will make cooking more fun. After completing with all the ingredients, my son must clean the kitchen as a lesson on responsibility. My tips for the fastest way to clean up flour is to use a vacuum cleaner! Lol!
Here's the recipe of raisins bread:
250 ml egg + water
1.5 tablespoon butter
¾ teaspoon salt
⅙ cup sugar
½ cup milk powder
400 gr flour
1 teaspoon yeast
1 tablespoon honey
¼ cup raisins
Put all the ingredients into the bread maker's baking pan in sequence except the raisins. Then insert the baking pan into the bread maker, setting menu according to the menu to make basic bread. Wait while the bread maker kneads the dough. If you hear "bip bip" put in the raisins.
Then wait until done, about 3 hours. If the bread is done take out of the baking pan then cut into pieces.


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