Cooking With Teenager: Egg Wrapping Fried Rice

Today I will share with you how to make an omelet as a food wrapper. This cooking idea came from my teenage son, and we cooked it together. Although in some try he failed when rocking the wok to spread the egg dough, some were successful! And he didn’t give up.
I have written the delicious fried rice recipe a few years ago, you can read it here.
The challenge of making this omelet is when you rock the wok to spread the dough. Often, the failure occurs because the pan is too hot, here is the tip: use the very low fire level, so that the dough will not cook before spread on the whole surface of the pan.
Egg wrapping fried rice is a recipe your can try with your teenager
5 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
A pinch of pepper
Mix all the dough, shake it with an egg beater.
Prepare a non-stick pan. This recipe doesn’t use cooking oil or butter for frying, so make sure you use the non-stick pan. The diameter of the pan should be no smaller than 20 cm. Pan doesn’t need to be heated first.
Turn on the stove with a very low heat level, put 50 ml of egg dough into the pan, place the pan on the stove while rocking the pan so that the egg dough will spread all over the surface of the pan. Be careful not to spill the dough.
If the egg dough already spread on the pan’s surface and begin to look cooked, leave the pan on the stove until the egg is well cooked.
Put the thin omelet over the cutting board, put the fried rice on top of the omelet, then wrap it like an envelope. Turn the egg pack so that the flat part is on the top side, put it on the plate, then make an X-shaped incision with a sharp, un-jagged knife.
Fold the scratched part up, careful not to tear the eggs. Then garnish over fried rice with cooked chicken meat, or stir-fried vegetables, ham, smoked beef, as you please.
See how delicious it looks!