Glutinous Balls In Hot Sweet Ginger Soup

ronde 1
Glutinous balls in hot sweet ginger soup, in original Indonesian language called: wedang ronde; is indigenous dessert from Java, Indonesia. Wedang ronde is served hot, so it will be very delicious at winter time.
Wedang ronde easy to cook. Read the information below every photo here:
ronde 2Make the filling of ronde:
Mix and mashed:
100 gr peanuts, roast
3 spoonful sugar
ronde 3The result of mashed peanuts and sugar

ronde 4Mix: 
100 gr glutinous rice flour
100 ml warm water
Mix with hand until the dough is not sticky at your hand.
Put a little dough, and make a small ball, and then mold as picture above.
ronde 5Put a little mashed peanuts as picture above into the "dough bowl"
ronde 6They will look like this
ronde 7Keep the mashed peanuts inside the bowl, and make a ball from the dough like this.
You will have small glutinous balls filled with mashed peanuts!
ronde 8Boil the balls until floating, remove from the boiling water, and then drain.

ronde 9Let's make the soup. Mix:
500 ml water
6 spoonful sugar
5 pieces pandan leaves
1 stalk lemongrass
About 50 gr ginger, peeled and sliced
Boil all the ingredients above. Then put the glutinous balls to the soup. Turn off the stove, and ready to serve.
Wedang ronde will be a great dessert at winter. It will make you feel comfort, and warm. Wedang ronde can protect you from flu. Wedang ronde have benefit to your health.

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