Snow Leaves Bookmark

leaves craft bookmark 1
This is a very simple craft project! You only need:
- Scrapbook paper or other patterned acid free paper with red-orange color
- Small pieces patterned acid free paper, two different pattern
- Craft glue, acid free and fast dry will be better
- White glossy spray paint
- Paper puncher
- Ribbon
- Black marker
- And of course: small dried leaves.

leaves craft bookmark 2

- Cut scrapbook paper to size 6 x 15 cm
- Put the leaves on the paper, at your desired position.
- Spray the paint on top of scrapbook paper and leaves. Attention, the leaves will move because the air pressure of paint - sprayer, so you have to hold the leaves. Wait until the painting dry.
- At above step your leaves will turn to white as you paint the paper. It’s OK, it created snow tone.
- Glue the leaves on the scrapbook paper, at the position as the same as when it painted.
- Now you can make journaling. Write your journal on the small pieces papers, my journal is “The best relationship are those that just happen naturally”. You can choose your own journal, but it will be better if match with your bookmark’s tone.
- Then glue your jounal to the bookmark in random position.
- The last, punch the top of your bookmark and insert the ribbon. You don’t have to punch at the middle of your bookmark. You can do it at the right or left side.
Now your bookmark ready to use!

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