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DIY Indonesian Easter Basket From Recycled Can

When I was a kid, I like to went to the church when Easter, there were people selling Easter baskets full of snacks, candies, and Easter eggs. The baskets looked so cute and colorful, made of cardboard and colorful paper. And my mom always bought one for me and one for my brother. Sometimes she also bought it for my cousins. Ah, what wonderful childhood memories!

indonesia easter basket 1

Today, some churches also have that tradition. They selling Easter baskets at Easter time. Kids love it so much! And I want my son to feel that happiness too. But since we live in a remote area, far away from a big church, there is no such Easter basket seller at the small church nearby our house. So, I choose to make one that is similar to the old time. But I’m not using cardboard for the basket base. I recycle tin into an Easter basket. And I use tissue paper from my shoe packaging as the embellishment. We have to recycling, to be zero waste, and to make our environment well managed.
Here is an Indonesian traditional easter basket made by my son and me. Although the basket base is different than the old-time, the basket just looks like the one from my childhood:
indonesia easter basket 2Prepare a clean can, tissue paper, and two pieces of die-cut paper with bunny shape (but you can replace this with ribbon or lace as you like), craft glue, scissor, and a piece of cardboard to make the basket handle.
indonesia easter basket 3Cut tissue paper to make flower petals as the picture above
indonesia easter basket 4Glue die-cut paper or ribbon as pictured above
indonesia easter basket 5Crincle the petals and glue as in the picture above
indonesia easter basket 6Last, glue die-cut paper or ribbon on the bottom of the can as in the picture
indonesia easter basket 7And taraaaa..... your Easter basket is done! Put some snacks, candies, and Easter eggs inside the basket, and enjoy the traditions!

Oh my God… this Easter basket so remind me of my childhood Easter traditions!



+1 #2 Lisa Lewis, MD 2016-03-24 22:26
This looks like fun to make. Some sweet surprises can be hidden inside!
+1 #1 Kim 2016-03-15 21:18
Love how you upcycled up a can into an adorable Easter basket! Thanks for participating in the Kid Craft Challenge.

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