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11 Gift Guide For Teenager That Made By Yourself

Are you a passionate maker? Do you always think that the best gift is the thing that made by your hand? If so, we are on the same track! I always like to give a gift that made by me. A handmade gift is so memorable in a cheaper way than if we buy them. But, keep in mind, that the gift must be valuable, exclusive, and awesome! So that the receiver will say “Wow!” with wide opened eyes.

handmade gift ideas for teenager

Do not be discouraged, everyone is a maker. The difference is the material used. You do not have to sew, nor do you have to saw. You can make from clay, leather, paper or anything you like!
But there is one thing you should remember if this gift aim for teenagers: give their favorite thing. You can’t give them a hat that is suitable for small children, you also can not give them a bag that is not the trend for teenagers. If necessary, do a little research on their likes and needs, so they’ll really like your gift.
Here is my experience when I wanted to give Christmas gift to my boy. The time was very short, so I couldn’t make a gift that needs a long time to make. My son also didn’t need fashion items like bag and clothes. But he needed something to cover the walls of his room with vintage decorations.
After looking for ideas all day long, I decided to make a silhouette of his face with paper cutting techniques. The part of the brain was made with numerous patterns, to represent the multiple intelligences. Then I put the silhouette into a very vintage frame! He was very happy to receive it! I’m happy too that I can make a precious gift only with paper and craft knife.

handmade gift ideas for teenager, silhouette paper cutting

The paper cutting silhouette is very easy to make. First, make a face silhouette pattern on plain white paper, then make the pattern of curves on the head or any part you want. After that cut the pattern with a craft knife, then trace it on the back of the paper that aims to be the gift. Trace with pencil, then start to cut with craft knife. I used Stardream 120 gr paper in black color to make this silhouette, it has metallic look.

handmade gift ideas for teenager, silhouette paper cutting

Use a cutting mat and sharp craft knife for more beautiful and neat pieces, as well as to simplify your work.
If you don’t like to work with craft knife and paper, you can try the following crafts to gift as a gift for the teenager. I compile this DIY crafts from creative fellow bloggers.
Fabric Christmas tree to decorate their room during Christmas

handmade gift ideas for teenager: fabric origami christmas tree


Engraved stylish necklace

handmade gift ideas for teenager: engraved necklace


Thermal insulated bag to bring their lunch

handmade gift ideas for teenager: thermal insulated lunch bag


Self-esteem mirror to encourage their personality

handmade gift ideas for teenager: self esteem mirror


Damarkurung lantern to decorate their room

handmade gift ideas for teenager: damarkurung


And of course, everyone needs bath salts!

handmade gift ideas for teenager: bath salts


Or, braided bracelet?

handmade gift ideas for teenager: bracelet


This will be perfect for their room's door

handmade gift ideas for teenager: plaque


Girls will love to attach butterfly to their bag!

handmade gift ideas for teenager: applique origami butterfly


Who doesn't need the apron? Everyone needs this!

handmade gift ideas for teenager: apron


Here are some other ideas


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0 #5 Maria 2017-11-12 18:16
What a great list of artistic ideas for gifts! Loving all of them :)
0 #4 Luci 2017-11-11 04:08
I love making gifts for my family and friends. They are one of the best kind of gifts.
0 #3 Heather 2017-11-10 17:10
Those are perfect for my teens to make for their friends too. They will love these!
0 #2 Belinda 2017-11-10 00:36
What a great selection there is here! They will make lovely gifts
0 #1 Shelah 2017-11-10 00:10
I love all the wonderful DIY gift ideas you have here. Those are the gifts that we remember.

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