Damarkurung - How To Make

Damarkurung, also known as "damar kurung", is Indonesian original handmade. Damarkurung is endangered, that's why I like to write about it to spread the words about damarkurung. Damarkurung is ancient handmade from Gresik - East Java - Indonesia. Damarkurung can be said as story teller lantern, because the pictures on damarkurung tell story.

DIY damarkurung. Damarkurung is Indonesian lantern that endangered

As a traditional handmade, there are rules about the making of damarkurung. You can read article written by me about the rules of making damarkurung at Multicultural Kid Blogs. OK, so in this post I will give you step-by-step how to make damarkurung.

Damarkurung two

damarkurung 1Prepare some small logs as this picture to make frame. Every square on my cutting is 1x1 cm
damarkurung 2Construct the logs as picture above. You can use super glue.
damarkurung 3Prepare the paper. You can use regular white paper. Make lines as picture above, consider about every line's position and length, please refer to the first photo of damarkurung for the position of every lines.
damarkurung 4Start to draw! Your drawing should telling a story, and follow the rules of drawing damarkurung
damarkurung 5Cut the paper as example above, and begin to glue on the damarkurung's frame. You can use craft glue. Please refer to the first photo of damar kurung above. And done! Your damarkurung lantern is ready to hang to cover the lamp.