DIY Spring Apron So Easy To Sew

Spring is the time to play outside! At this season, it will be really hard to avoid the dirt. But you can minimize by wearing apron! And it will be so much fun if you sew your kid’s apron!
Here I’ll show you the easiest way to sew apron.

spring apron 6

Make 3 rectangles with your fabric, 1 big rectangle, and 2 smaller rectangles as big as your kid’s chest. The big rectangle is for the bottom part. One smaller rectangle for the chest, and another one is for the pocket.

spring apron 1

Prepare the twill tape, make two cuts by this measurement: 
1. Measure your kid’s waist, add some length to tie the apron (about 15 cm at left and at right side). This part is to tie the apron the back.
2. Continuously measure left chest to the back neck until the right chest, add some length to make ties (about 15 cm at left and at right side). This part is for hanging the apron to the neck.
In this project I use waterproof fabric with spring theme, leaves in green and red. I choose to use waterproof fabric, because it is easy to clean, and protect the cloth from wet and oil better than fabric. Have a look at pictures below for the easy-sewing instruction.
spring apron 2Attach the twill tape part 1 on top of the skirt as in the picture above, then sew. You can do it with hand sewing or machine sewing. Sew at right and left part of the skirt. These twill tape is used to tie the apron.
spring apron 3Attach the pocket on the skirt, fold the top of pocket then sew. Next, sew the top part of the apron to the skirt.
spring apron 4Make two button holes at left and right of the top part of apron.
spring apron 5Insert the twill tapes part 2 to button holes and tie. Do this at left and right sides.
Your apron ready to wear for spring outdoor playing, and also to protect your dress while cooking.