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Cereal Box Craft For Festive Season - Christmas Story 3

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Story was written and illustrated by Maria Magdalena
Living in a remote area means that you won't go shop for Christmas gifts at the shopping mall. You should travel about 4 hours to go to the nearest city, and spent a lot of money to pay tickets, hotel, and food. It is not worthed for Pandu's family. According to Pandu's father, it will be better if the money used to buy more gifts for their foster children. Yes, that is a perfect idea.
So, how will Pandu's family buy Christmas gifts for family? They will buy the gifts at the online store. They only have to pay, and the gift will be sent directly to their family. Today, Pandu start making a list. He calls it: “End of year shopping list” because he will not only shop for Christmas gifts but also new year gifts that will be delivered to the family who does not celebrate Christmas.
Pandu write down on a paper the name of his family that will receive the gift, the name of the gift, the price of the gift, and also when and where to buy the gift! It is a complete list!
But wait! Pandu suddenly remember that he have a good idea of gift! He will make handmade decorative boxes to be given to his cousins! He will make it from cereal boxes. What do you think about this idea?
Soon he starts to collect all cereal boxes that he has. He also looking for decorative paper to make the embellishments for the box. This Christmas will be so festive!

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