Baked Some Cookies - Christmas Story 2

Free Christmas stories & activities for kids
Story was written and illustrated by Maria Magdalena
Today is the day to make some cookies! What are Pandu's favorite cookies? It's kaasstengels, Dutch-Indonesian cheese cookies. Kaas is Dutch word for “cheese”, and stengels is also Dutch word for “stick”. The cookies are so delicious!
There are other cookies too, such as nastar and almond cookies. Nastar is cookies with pineapple jam filling, and almond cookies is cookies with almond on the top. They are delicious too!
Cookies are easy to make, you don't have to carefully mix the dough as to make cakes. But mommy have to carefully watch the cheese! Cause Pandu like to take the cheese little by little and put them in his mouth! Hahaha... Pandu like to eat the cheese! If mommy does not carefully measure the cheese before mix it to the dough, mommy surely know that the kaasstengels will lack of cheese! Mommy and Pandu baked the kaasstengels together, and at the end of the day, they have five jars full of cookies.
Before going to bed, Pandu turns on his computer, and begin to write something, he writes a gifts list! What is gifts list? It is a list of gift that will be sent to his grandmas, grandpa, and cousins. Pandu has two grandmas, a grandpa, and four cousins. He wants to give them Christmas presents. Pandu know that Christmas is about giving. Oh, he almost forgot! He has a foster sister too! He absolutely wants to send her a Christmas gift.
Since seven years ago, Pandu has his own foster sister. He pays for her school from his own money. If he got money, Pandu will keep some to pay her foster sister's school fees. That's awesome! Pandu has been done it since eight years old!
After finishing his list, Pandu goes to bed with a big smile. He thankful for today's blessing. And he starts to dreaming of Christmas.

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